Our Activities

The more you know about extreme poverty and high-impact interventions, the easier and more compelling it is to spread the word about effective giving. Our focus in in the following areas: Health, Education, Economic and livelihood support, Human rights and policy advocacy, and Safe environment.

We want to support families with a seriously ill child at their time of greatest need.

They volunteer directly with children and young people, in our offices, or raise vital funds.

You can give money directly to an organization whose mission you wish to support.

Get Involved

Give Scholarship

Invest in students' dreams. While sponsorship can help younger children attend school, it's often too expensive for young adults to pursue higher education or vocational training without additional assistance. You can help fill this financial gap and help students achieve their goals by donating to Education.

Donation Water

Clean water is a whole family concern. Finding water is a daily challenge for young girls, moms and sons. With a charitable donation today, you can lift this burden. Providing a reliable and safe water source will unlock potential by returning time for study, work, and imagination

Environmental Protection

Protecting people and nature is the primary concern. That's why safe storage of hazardous materials such as fuels and lubricants is the goal of our work. CEMO develops products for hazardous materials storage that meet all legal requirements and combine safety with practicality and excellent usability.