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About Us

Global Partners for Community Development (GPCD) was established in 2015 and registered in 2018 with the Ministry of Social Welfare Gender and Children Affairs, National Youth Commission and World Association of NGO’s as a Non-Governmental Organization. The organization was set-up to improve lives, education, health and the environment.

The goal of the organization is to promote/provide assistance to people in distress especially children, elders and others in our communities. The organization will also promote human right advocacy and economic empowerment for vulnerable people. Run by young and energetic Sierra Leoneans, GPCD wants to help bring development to various parts in the country. The organization aims to accomplish this by partnering with other big organizations in the world.

Our Mission

To empower people in the situation of poverty and provide assistance to people in distress(children and elderly) within our communities.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to build a society free from exploitation and marginalization.

Our Objectives

  • - To capacitate vulnerable people, especially those in distress.
  • - To provide economic support in the form of loan schemes.
  • - To promote/create awareness on disease control and prevention(HIV, HBV, and diseases).
  • - To Advocate for inclusion of a right-based approach in national policy.
  • - To help promote education for vulnerable children.
  • Poor health, poor education, and deprivation all face the same problem.
  • It produces a vicious cycle that prevents individuals from shaping their future.
  • Global Partners for Community Development (GPCD) seek to crack this with concrete projects in the Sierra Leone communities.

  • Global Partners has projects currently running in areas of health, livelihood, education, emergency and capacity development.
  • We focus on youths in the slum communities that are often neglected by NGOs.

  • We explore ways for communities to break the cycle of poverty they are trapped in. While working hard in the following sectors.
  • - Education
  • - Health
  • - Livelihood

  • Education
  • GPCD implemented School Environment Improvement Program to improve the school's essential environment. The absence of a proper school atmosphere (especially girls) is one of the principal causes of school drop-outs.
  • The enrolment of the students is also expected to increase when facilities (such as water, toilet, greenery) are improved at school. Classroom management and relationships between students, teachers, and the community also play an essential part in enhancing the atmosphere in schools.

  • Health
  • GPCD focuses on improving maternal and child health, with a focus on nutrition. Activities are preventative (such as improving sanitation), promotive (such as education on hand-washing) and curative (supporting primary health care services).

  • Livelihood
  • - To enhance environment awareness of individuals.
  • - To generate a sense of awareness amongst children at an age when they are receptive to ideas and inculcate in them a love and appreciation of nature.
  • - To undertake community development activities so as to raise the quality of life through wise-use of available local resources.
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