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Slum Communities Youth Skill Training

Kroo Bay is a slum community in Freetown western urban district in Sierra Leone. The community has about 35,000 youth who are often orphaned, orphans, especially related to the HIV/AIDS, Conflicts/wars, Politics, unemployed, uneducated, and among others. Youths are in dire need of basic needs and supplementary benefits to lift them out of poverty. A third of the national population is made of young people and also more than a half of manpower to most sectors are of youths; therefore the need for action to control the above crises has never been more agent than now in Kroo Bay Slum Community. The vocational skills and empowerment project is not clearly established to youths due to the fact that it is not in their careers and usually contributes to unsafe environment to future citizen.

The goal is to motivate to make up to 30% of the participants mainly girls, by the end of 2025, over 35,000 youths will be working either independently, as self-employed operators, or in newly created jobs. A number of initiatives have been created to support and provide services to the community. These include 50 youths benefiting from a wide range of Skills including: Tailoring, Mechanics, Electrical, Catering, Hairdressing,
Mason, Computing, Plumbing, Driving, Painting, Carpentering, Adult Education, among others.

Specific Objectives
To capacitate vulnerable people, especially those in distress.

To provide economic support in the form of loan schemes.
To promote/create awareness on disease control and prevention(HIV, HBV, and diseases).
To Advocate for inclusion of a right based approach in national policy.
To help promote technical skill based education for vulnerable children and youth mainly girls and youth with disability living in Kroo Bay Community.

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