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Yong Merolyn Yafe

Yong Merolyn Yafe is Serving as the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer/Gender Expert. Merolyn Yong, is a young and dynamic women Human rights’ activist, with three years of experience in Human Rights and Governance. She has since 2015 served in Reach Out NGO, a local organization in Cameroon, with a key focus on Women health, economic empowerment and Human Rights and Governance. This gives her versatility in the domain and an ability to appreciate and appropriate better issues related to women and girls within remote communities.

With an academic background in Sociology and Anthropology and an on-going M.A in Translation, her eloquence and savoir-faire in the world of development if one to reckon with. Described as a Translator/ Development Agent, these together are a compass for improving and assuaging the plight of persons in distress within her community.

In most recent time, her interest expanded to the field of politics as she engages local women political leaders and provides them coaching skills in preparations for local elections to be held in Cameroon in 2019. To this effect, she has a database of 54 women political leaders whom she mentors at the moment.

On the on-going crisis in the South West and North West Region of Cameroon further provided a space to amplify her voice in the creation of the South West and North West Women Taskforce (SNWOT). To this, she serves as secretary to the women-led movement engaged in finding a lasting solution to the crisis within the regions.

Also, she is a 2018 iDover. Speaker at the Intercontinental Youth Forum on CVE.

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